Tomorrow is the last week of classes. Luckily there are no tests to study for after that, but I am finishing up the last of my projects. I’ve had most of the term to work on them, and they are juuuuuuuuuust about finished, but one last final thing always seems to pop up. This haiku is dedicated to finishing my Research Methods project today.

coffee cools in its cup,
grows more bitter with age


Here’s a haiku about my umbrella breaking on this cold, rainy day.

metal skeleton
torn skin clinging to the road
rain slithers down my neck.

So I’ve tried NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) a couple times before, but failed to complete the 50,000 word mark. A friend told me about NaPoWriMo a couple days ago, and I thought I would give it a try by writing one haiku a day for the month of April.

This isn’t just because haiku are short, but because I’ve had a keen interest in haiku since participating in some haikai while living in Japan. I even coordinated a little haiku get-together between SLAIS and Ritsumeikan last month.

Plus, it’s said that Shiki tried to write at least one poem a day until his death. Let’s see what I can come up with in a single month.

Since I didn’t write one yesterday, I’ll contribute two today.

NaPoWriMo Haiku Day One
my textbook is warmed
by gentle beams streaming in
from outside freedom

NaPoWriMo Haiku Day Two
one cloud hovers
my blue breath dances away
a new clear day

I started this blog way back in November 2011 with the intention of documenting my journey through library school. Once the madness of my first term ended I lounged around before the next term began without ever touching this site again. Then the madness of the second term began and this blog was put on the back burner as I started working my way through courses on topics like indexing and digital collections. Now that the end of term is soon approaching and I’m finishing up all my projects this blog popped back into my mind.

So, now that I’m finally writing here, what is this blog all about?

I’m not 100% sure quite yet. I want to document my progress through library school, and part of that is discussing topics related to the field. I also started playing rugby with my university’s law school rugby team, which has turned into a big hobby of mine (though I haven’t been able to play so much this term). So this blog will talk partly about my exciting exploits as a librarian and as a rugby player.

That is how I became…The Rugby Playing Librarian.